Brookfield Zoo Tree Decorating Event

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Brookfield Zoo Tree Decorating Event

Brookfield Zoo Tree Decorating

(Author Russ Butler)

 On Saturday, November 15, several Four Winds members traveled to Brookfield Zoo to decorate a holiday tree.  The night before Dave, Pat, Kathy, Al, Sheri, Diane, and Russ worked for a couple hours on making and preparing various ornaments for the tree.  Some were made by hand and others were store purchased.  They all helped contribute to a wonderful looking holiday tree.  There were well over 500 trees that various families, companies, or groups decorated.  The Four Winds tree was number 553 so if anyone happens to be at the zoo prior to the end of the year you can take a look at our efforts.  The funds received help support Brookfield Zoo and its operations.  This was the 39th annual tree trimming event. 

 Those decorating the tree included those mentioned previously along with Natalie and Gregg.  We spent perhaps an hour decorating the tree that we estimated to be about 7 feet tall.  Each tree already had lights on it and with it being the first day of tree decorating many trees had yet to be trimmed.  Being completely unbiased our tree was the best looking of course.

 After the tree trimming, we all walked around the zoo and looked at the various animals that were outside.  All of the buildings were closed due to virus and everyone was wearing a mask the entire day.  We eventually met up with Judy, Jamie, Caroline, and Payton and walked with them a bit as well.  The event was a great deal of fun and hopefully next year we can have a couple of trees to decorate with more attendees.

 Thanks to all for participating, contributing to the future of Brookfield Zoo, and getting into the holiday spirit on a very rough year.  Enjoy the pictures to follow.


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