Family Club Orientation

How can you tell if a club is family and friends oriented?

  • The club bylaws allow for family members under age 21 and the club has a family membership rate.
  • They offer some trips during school or spring break and on 3-day school holiday weekends.
  • Trips may offer a variety of lodging options and some or all have family rates so that parents are not penalized for having kids in their rooms.
  • Few of the trips are bus trips and many of the trips are drive trips.  When you do the driving or the travel planning you can leave when the kids get out of school or dad or mom gets out of work, whatever works best for you.
  • Year-around activities offered are diverse and appealing to many ages.  For instance, casual bike rides, bar-be-ques, local city concerts and camping trips.
  • The club works with the membership to select winter and summer trip locales where there are numerous side activities available that appeal to all ages (i.e. local festivals, laser tag, water parks, nature refuges, and pool-side rooms, etc.
  • The club has a history of providing activities year around because there is more to life than just winter. 


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