Reserving your stay:

  • Send an email to at least one week prior to when you want to stay 
  • If you wish to rent the entire lodge, you must email your request at least two weeks prior to when you want to stay and send a $250 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit at least one week prior to your stay 
  • You will receive the code to the door a couple days before your stay
  • The lodge provides bed linens, but you need to bring your own towels and toiletries. 


During your stay:

  • NO smoking allowed anywhere in the lodge
  • NO skis or snowboards may be waxed inside the lodge (we do have the ski prep room where this can be done)
  • NO pets allowed without prior approval
  • If pets are approved, owners must keep them off all furniture, blankets, etc. owned by the lodge
  • Owners must clean up after their pets both inside and outside
  • Furniture may not be rearranged without approval from a lodge committee member
  • Non-Members may not stay at the lodge without a member
  • No one under the age of 18 may stay at the lodge without a parent or guardian present


At the end of your stay:

  • All garbage must be collected from the rooms you stayed in, the bathrooms, and the kitchen and bagged up and put in the garbage shed on the side of the house
  • Ski waxing can be done on the porch
  • All sheets and pillow cases must be removed from any beds you used and placed in the bins in the trophy room
  • All blankets and quilts you used must be folded and placed on the beds you used
  • All dishes, silverware, etc., that you used must be washed, dried and returned to the cabinets and drawers you took them from
  • Any towels and dish clothes you used must be placed in the bins in the trophy room
  • All windows must be closed and locked
  • All fans and lights must be turned off
  • All doors must be locked


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