The Lodge house has the following design. 

The outside of the lodge is rather modest, but there is plenty of parking, enough for a full size bus and a few cars, or 10 or more cars. 

Once you enter the lodge, there is a small room where skis/boards can be stored (unheated), and a work table for anyone that needs to wax or tune their equipment.     

From there, you enter the main lodge into the boot room. This room is where you can store your boots and outerwear overnight. Its basically the foyer to the house. 

From the boot room, you can enter the main living room, where there is plenty of room for multiple groups of people to converse. Also off the boot room is the stairway to the 2nd story or the lodge, as well as bunk room #2 (housing 5 bunk beds), and private room #1. 

Off of the main living room are private rooms #3 and #4 (both with queen beds), the main floor bathroom (which is a communal bathroom, usually designated the men's room, which contains multiple sinks, bathroom stalls, and shower stalls), and the remodeled kitchen, which can seat over 20 people, and has 2 microwaves, 2 separate cook-tops, a full-size oven and fridge.  

Head upstairs and there are 6 more bedrooms, including bunk room #6 (4 bunk beds), bunk room #7 (4 bunk beds), private rooms with double beds (#5, #8, and #10), and a family room #9 (one double bed and one bunk bed). The upstairs also houses another communal bathroom (3 stalls, 2 showers, and 3 sinks), usually designated the women's room, as well as a single separate individual bathroom.


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