Terror in the Timbers

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Terror in the Timbers
Shiver me timbers….or should I say Terror in the Timbers. It’s been a long 2020 with constant virus concerns. In an effort to provide some sort of Halloween fun a drive-through haunted-forest was developed called Terror in the Timbers. Gregg, Pat, Kathy, Dave, Sheri, and I joined for a bite to eat before the event. We all had a nice dinner at Claim Jumpers and then most of us continued to Terror in the Timbers in the Elgin area. Gregg and Dave were unable to join however Ron and Kathleen also attended the event.  

The event itself was very popular with perhaps a hundred cars lined up waiting patiently for their turn. Ron and Kathleen were about 15 minutes ahead of us so unfortunately our group of Sheri, Diane, Pat, and I did not see them. The trail was a winding road through the trees and was lit by many torches to light the way. You were told to put on the dimmest light possible for your car lights, drive under 5 mph, and to put on a radio station that they provided spooky background sounds, and always to keep your windows up. You certainly do not want any spooky ghouls, ghosts or clowns coming into your car!  

As we meandered through the dimly lit trail you were spooked many times by various creatures of the night, yikes! On several occasions, you would go through a lot of hanging fabric, almost like going through a car wash, until you got to an area where you would stop and, go figure…ghouls would jump out at you and scare you. What’s up with that?? They would jump out and tap on your windows although one ghoul actually sprayed water at us, so good thing we had our windows up! Every once in a while, you would see a green light which of course meant proceed, or a red light which meant you were supposed to stop so once again they could scare you.  

Overall it was a very enjoyable or should I say scary experience but certainly not as scary as a haunted house. Nothing like the safety of being in your own locked car with your windows up. It was a very nice outing and allowed the ability to socially distance. Hopefully next year we can go back to normal times but for now, this allowed for some safe Halloween fun. Unfortunately, since it was so dark and dimly lit it was difficult to take pictures while there but here are some photos downloaded from the Terror in the Timbers website to give you a feel for the event.

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