August Paddle Boarding & Social in review

By Social Chair; Gregg Schuring

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August Paddle Boarding & Social in review

Sunday August 23, 2020

Four Winds 1st Paddle Boarding outing and social

Four Winds had a great response with 15 people signing up for our first paddle boarding event.   Attendees were Russel & Sheri B. with daughter: Natalie, Greg D. with son: Chane, Kathleen H., Guy & Leigh, Phillip S. and Gregg S. from Four Winds.   Our friends Mary Jo M., Louise S. from ABSF and some new comers to our club;  Dan W. with son: Ben, Renee Z.

Three other Four Winder's came to watch, take pictures of us and watched our belongings.   Patricia M., Kathy M. and Diane B.

Social chair; Gregg S. searched for a new socially distance event that everyone could enjoy in the hottest summer on record.   He notified Rick Pasturczak owner of Alpine Accessories in Lake in the Hills.   Rick has been a guess speaker previously at some of our general meetings.   He said that paddle boarding is the most popular sport of the summer that can is a socially distant event.  Social We arranged a Sunday so Rick could be our teacher for our free lesson and join us on the water.   We all met at Three Oaks Recreation Area in Crystal Lake IL. by 11:30 AM to sign waivers.  The free lesson started promptly at 12 Noon on the shores of lake.    Weather was perfect!  

After about a 15 minute lesson, we all were fitted with our life jackets, paddle boards and paddles.  We all headed out on the water, most of us kneeling at first to get acclimated to the board.   The crystal clear 80 degree waters of Vulcan Lake was so beautiful!  You could see down about 20 feet below your paddle board.  Rick led the way, with the large group of Four Winds behind.   It reminded Gregg of a mother goose with her ducklings following. 

 Once we got around the first few islands on lake, Rick led us to a more calmer area were we could practice standing in the shade. We all tested our skills and eventually was able to stand on the boards.    With assistance of Rick, we all practiced standing and at some point  got where we could do it....for a few minutes or longer. Some were showing off at their ability to stand easily and paddle, like Dan & Ben W., Phil S., Sheri  & Natalie B., and Kathleen H.   with many of us making a BIG SPLASH by falling off.   The biggest challenge for some was to get back onto the board in the water with a life jacket on.  It was a challenge but the water was so refreshing!  Some of the group ventured out on their own to explore the lake with others staying close to our instructor; Rick for about an hour and half.   

After our time was up on the water at 2 PM, we returned the equipment, changed clothes and 14 of us met for "L-upper" (late lunch / early supper) at Village Squire in Crystal Lake for Greek fest food.    We reminisce about our recent outing, enjoyed some great food and socialized with friends.

The Four Winds paddle board event was a great summer hit.   We'll need to do it again!  

It was my pleasure to organize this event for Four Wind's, including our friends ABSF and new people that joined us.

Your friend,  

Four Winds Social Chair; 3G's ~ Gregg Schuring


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