2019 Summer Volleyball - 1st Picnic Kickoff: PR Report

Story by Tony Z, PR; captions and photos (21) by author

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2019  Summer Volleyball - 1st Picnic Kickoff: PR Report

This was Game #1, June 24th.  People arrived about 6PM at public pavilion #17 under a calm blue sky, a good day for a picnic with volleyball.  Almost everybody provided picnic edibles of some kind or other, including a large pizza, and a member even brought a portable radio/music player (boombox).  The volleyball game began while the picnic was still in progress; total attendance was sixteen. (There will be a Four Winds volleyball every Monday night until August 26th, so mark your calendars.)

Picnic poses and VB pix now follow. Enjoy.

But first: there are two ways of viewing this and any other slide shows using the supplied Four Winds digital story program.


1) The first is the simpler default method, seen right away when you pull up the selected article within the program.  As viewed, it is: directional left arrow, right arrow, and you select direction by tapping "pennants"  with your cursor. The frame slides are basically self-timing but each picture is cropped the same way, and the caption, should you use any, will be light gray ribbon strip, text limited to about 80 characters.

2) The second, somewhat improved, method is to tap an encircled-gray-cross found in the slide's center.  As soon as you do that, the rectangular slide instantly snaps to a large picture with a bright white line frame, and the gray words are transformed to a smaller but compact bright white text, full page (about 140 characters).  Reading then almost becomes fun.  

Try method 2 if you haven't already. That's all folks.

(Tony Z, PR.)






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