2018 Four Winds Annual Banquet

Story by Tony Z, Public Relations. Captions & Photos (15) by author.

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2018 Four Winds Annual Banquet

At the Annual Four Winds Banquet held at the Gale Street Inn (4914 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago) at noon April 29 th 2018 was quite a success. It was Four Winds Ski Club's first time there since the 2016 merger with OPSC (that club's past favorite), and met with wide approval with the 34 people who attended the event. The buffet quality, the dining room ambience, the service, you name it, Gale Street had it.

After the luncheon dishes were cleared and the diners relaxed, our club president Russ Butler gave an informal but interesting speech concerning the club's past year and plans for the next.

Speech was followed by "Four Winds - 2018 Wacky Awards", a humorous scripted presentation of awards to club members whose deeds performed during the past year merited recognition. Phil Skultety wrote the awards and functioned as Master of Ceremonies while Kathleen Stoneski delivered the award prizes. Following is the Public Relation's transcript of Phil's written creation, followed by matching photos:
> 2/10 "THE FOUR WINDS - 2018 WACKY AWARDS" is now in progress!"
"This award goes to the person who managed to coordinate a full-blown Thanksgiving dinner for 22 skiers in the middle of March, while still giving everyone time beforehand to spend the day skiing on our Copper Mountain trip in Colorado. In addition, she made sure that we had plenty of other delicious meals for the entire week we were there."
>3/10 "On our off-day of skiing while in Frisco, CO during our Copper trip, several people went shopping as you usually do while on vacation. Well, a group of us stumbled across a shop that had some unique wild animal hats."
"So, we decided to give this next award to a person who was not only willing to try on one of these wild looking hats, BUT WHO WOULD EVEN LET SOMEONE TAKE A PICTURE OF HIM."
So, The Four Winds 'BEST SPORT' Award goes to DON TRAVER".
> 4/10 "But there's more to the Hat Story!"
"Not to be out-done, this very shy Four Winds member actually went back to the store the next day and purchased one of the wild animal hats." So, the Four Winds 'OUR
> 5/10 "This Award is for the Last Adult Club Member (that I know of) to, FINALLY, get tired of waiting in rental lines and break down and buy his own ski equipment."
"The Four Winds 'STOP RENTING' Award goes to RON HERMANN".
> 6/10 (Ta, ta ! Nice sweaters, there, ladies. Shop at the same stores, do you?) "Well, everyone here will appreciate this next award. You all know her and love her, the one person who insists that there always be an abundance of one certain item on every trip and most of the meetings that she attends."
"The Four Winds 'NEVER GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT CHOCOLATE' Award goes to our self-proclaimed Jewish mother, SHERI BUTLER."

> 7/10 Now we have an award for the person who got us to say CHEESE the most times in this year during all of our club events, and no, it doesn't have any thing to do with cheese balls."
"The Four Winds 'SAY CHEESE' Award goes to our one and only beloved club photographer, TONY Z."
> 8/10 "Now, unknown to most of you, we have among us a very talented club member who has mastered the art of steaming over 500 beer brats all at one time and then grilling and serving them up at the annual CMSC summer picnic that was held at Norge back in August."
"The Four Winds 'HOT SAUSAGE' Award goes to PAT CLARK."
> 9/10 "While on our Indianhead trip, there was a group of about 10 people who decided to play a game of cards called 'Screw Your Neighbor' after dinner. Well, I think that the game had lasted well over an hour when we finally made it down to the last two players. This next award goes to the player that managed to pull a Queen in the FINAL card game match to beat Ron Hermann who thought he had the game won with the Jack he was holding in his hand."
"The Four Winds 'BEST CLUB QUEEN' goes to KRISTI CLARK.
> 10/10 "Last, but not least (Subject could not make the banquet - IndianHd. trip pic shown). While on our Copper Trip we stayed at a 10,000-square foot house that had 9 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. Well, if you were paying attention, earlier you heard that there were 22 people staying there and an abundance of food and drink that was served and had by all. As you all know, what goes in must come out; well, you can probably guess where this is going. Yes, one of the toilets somehow mysteriously managed to overflow and even backed up in the bathtub. So, the Trip Leader took it upon himself to search out the plumber's best friend, the plunger, and corrected the situation himself."




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