Busse Woods & Draft Picks Bike & Beverage Fest

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Busse Woods & Draft Picks Bike & Beverage Fest
On a glorious Sunday morning (Sunday, September 17th to be exact) several eager souls went to Busse Woods for a leisurely ride around Busse Woods. Estimates for the distance vary from about seven miles to a couple hundred miles although the higher number was provided by me and I tend to exaggerate. We met around 9:15 am and by 9:30 am sharp we had mounted our trusty steeds and I believe we headed west into the sunset. Oops, I mean east into the morning sun. It was a beautiful day for a ride with the leaves just starting to change colors, a light breeze, a few clouds, and warm temperatures. It was a wonderful way to start the day. Attending the bike ride were Pat, Kathy, Dave B., Russ B., and Sheri B. Once we completed our ride we realized that Dave W. was waiting for us. He is still recovering a bit from some recent surgery and wanted to try to ride but he is not quite there yet so he waited for us in the parking lot.

After our ride, we then went to Draft Picks where we met up with Al F. and Diane B. We also met Keith Van Horne from the 1985 Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears. I had two comments about him, first, he is really big and second his knees are pretty bad. Keith Van Horne had pictures that he provided and signed them to anyone who asked and there were also cozies and small towels to wave. He was there for a couple of hours and was a nice diversion away from watching the Bears as they imploded. Keith Van Horne also was asked to pour as many beers as he could in 5 minutes. He managed to pour 33 beers and then they were all given out to the thirsty customers. We also played football bingo during the game which was quite fun. Sheri ended up winning a gift card for Draft Picks when she got Bingo. It was quite a fun day in even though the Bears played so poorly. Fortunately, as the day progressed the Cubs won although the White Sox lost. I was all set for the day with my Bears shirt, Cubs jersey, and I had white socks on.

I am providing some pictures separately of those who attended the Busse Woods bike ride and of Keith Van Horne at Draft Picks and also as he poured as many beverages as he could in five minutes.

Another bike ride was hosted by Gregg S. in Elgin on the same day. I am sure that was a fun time as well. Any day is a great day to get together with friends for biking or socializing. Hope to see you next time if we did not see you this time.

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